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Ice Storm Pain Relief Gel, 100ml Tube

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Product Specification

Topical pain reliever by hands-on healthcare professionals. Ice Storm Pain Releif Gel helps manage discomfort by offering a variety of benefits that assist in therapy, pain relief, exercise, training and overall comfort.
  • Relieves muscle tension and pain quickly
  • Stimulates muscle recovery
  • Helps reduce edema and inflammation
  • CE marked
  • Active ingredient: Menthol
  • Contains arnica
  • More comfortable and convenient than ice
  • Targeted, effective pain relief from backaches, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains and bruises
  • Recommended patient product for reception sales
  • Perfect for hands-on health care such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, sports massages, osteopathy and podiatry
  • 100ml Tube

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