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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What entitles me to be VAT exempt? So long as you have a long term medical condition (that doesn't consist of broken bones) this will entitle you to VAT exemption - for example arthritis, dementia, stroke etc.

I have a problem with my product, what do I need to do? If you would like to return the item to us we will arrange for your credit card/paypal account to be credited. Please make sure that the goods are returned to us in as new condition (including all packaging) and must be taken care of whilst in your possession. We do ask that any goods that are in sealed packaging and are clearly visible without the need to open the packaging remain unopened. No returns will be accepted if the item is damaged or marked. We recommend using a recorded mail service for sending any parcels. When returning your item please make sure to include your order number and also the reason for the return

What happens if my product arrives damaged? You need to call us on the day of the delivery taking place to log the damages - please be advised that photos will be required.

What does my warranty cover? Your warranty covers you for all manufacturing issues that occur to the product. Please be advised that accidental damage and normal wear and tear is not covered under the warranty.

How long does the warranty last? 12 Months.

Do you sell spare parts? As an authorised Pride dealer we have access to all the required components to keep your product running for years to come.

How long should I charge my scooter for? We recommend that you charge your product on a regular basis for a minimum of 12 hours. If you are a frequent user we recommend charging the product after every use for 12 hours minimum (for example, everyday use). If you use the product irregularly we would recommend that you charge the product at least once a week for 12hours. Do not allow your batteries to become flat as this will seriously damage the battery.

How often should I change my batteries? We recommend that you have your scooter serviced every 12 months so the battery performance can be checked by an qualified engineer.

Can I use a car battery to charge my scooter batteries? No, never use a car battery to try and charge them faster, this is a potentially serious fire hazard. Use only the charger supplied with the scooter.

My Batteries are new, how do I charge them? If you have new batteries please allow them 5 – 10 full charging cycles to allow the batteries to condition themselves to full charge.

Can my scooter be used in the rain? Yes you can use Your scooter in the rain, However, we do advise you to be fully equipped with a waterproof accessory (Please see our Scooter Accessory Range) pack to avoid water getting into the electrical components, We advise that you attempt to avoid heavy downpours as this can put the scooter at risk of water damage.

What payment methods do you accept? We accept all major credit cards, as well as Paypal.

Do you offer discounts for businesses? Yes, our Trade Team offer discounts on a dynamic sliding scale, so your order is tailored to your needs. Please email our sales team for more information sales@justlivingaids.com

Can I collect my order? Yes, any orders can be collected. However, we will contact you when your items are ready for collection, to save you from a wasted journey!